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Wow... Drop off my 1968 Chevy quad for rebuilding at Bowen the other day. They said about 2 day turnaround. 2 days later I got a call carb is ready and sure enough Ut was ready. Not only that the my carb was brand new. I installed it on car and it ran perfect.

- Gerard Lykon

Very helpful owner. Had a problem with tuning my carbs and gave me some advice that was very helpful.

- JeepTruckG

Excellent mechanics, very courteous as well. Great guys!

- Dominic C.

Took our Corvette there for some fine tuning on the carburetor....not the first time there and again excellent results...Bowens is the only place to go...thanks guys for all your hard work...

- Marianne D.

I have sent them carburetors from my antique automobiles for decades and they always do superb work with no excuses

- pennoak1711

They are the best at finding the problem and getting your car back on the road. Plus they are honest and reliable and charge excellent prices.

- Mike S.

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